We rely on data and gut.

Rely a lot on data to direct us.

Rely a lot on gut to drive us.

True, we relate so much with the mashup.

It’s in our code.

Huddlers code.

It’s often assumed that creativity must abandon data and research.

We believe that assumption is not true.

And if any creative problem solvers believe that, then they are quite wrong.

In today’s connected era, data can reveal startling insights to human behaviour.

Yes, data isn’t everything to solving a problem but it can definitely help the creative process have a solid starting block.

Today more and more businesses rely on data to tell them what consumers want, feel, need and etc.

But remember people aren’t data. They don’t respond to data. They are amalgamation of emotions. They respond to emotions.

As creative problem solvers, it is our duty to analyse this data to help find that emotion to tap for communication.

We can borrow from Einstein to grasp the role data plays in creativity, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”