Read how we turned traffic signals into a communication medium for Environment Day.

Tata Steel as a brand has taken up several environmentally sustainable initiatives in the past, so when Tata Tiscon (a sub-brand of Tata Steel) came to us to provide them a thought-provoking as well as clutter breaking idea for the occasion of World Environment Day, 2017, we put on our thinking caps and got cracking to come up with an idea which would be simple yet impactful.

Watch how we transformed traffic signals to communicate a message to think about the environment.

Our insight was drawn from the fact that people are busy in their lives and most do not have the time to contribute for the betterment of the environment, hence we identified a unique medium perhaps never used before to communicate a message. The traffic signal. Most urban people spend a large chunk of their lives commuting. Waiting at signals. Staring at the signal, eagerly waiting for the green one. We decided to use this very signal to communicate a powerful message for safeguarding the environment.

We chose key traffic signals in Jamshedpur & inside the Tata Steel plant and transformed the green arrow (for going straight) into a green tree symbol. Making the whole effort into literally stating ‘The Signal to Go Green’ or #GoGreenSignal , we had to redesign and manufacture the entire LED circuit board, solder the LED bulbs into a tree shape and then deploy into the traffic signals

We took the initiative of Go Green Signal to more people with our partner Café Coffee Day where we set up an artwork of a tree, every visitor was requested to write a message or a pledge towards safeguarding the environment on a leaf-shaped recycled sticky notes. Cyclists went around the city with Go Green Signal messages attempting to make more and more people aware of the initiative and the cause. Tata Steel management also actively participated through a live radio session with another partner BigFM.

Go Green Signal was also extended on social media where we campaigned extensively to raise awareness for the cause.

Go Green Signal as a campaign demonstrated how a simple idea could make people pause, take a break an think about the environment. With every Go Green Signal, the residents of Jamshedpur are reminded that in their busy lives a little bit of green can go a long way for the future of this planet.