From creating a category to reaching over million people, read the fascinating story behind the Tata Pravesh campaign #DoorsOfIndia

Tata Pravesh (steel doors from Tata Steel) was born at a time when there was almost abysmal awareness about branded steel doors in India. Home builders preferred regular wooden doors for their constructions, which catered to both functionality and aesthetics.  

When the Tata Pravesh team came to us with a brief of category creation, awareness and sales we took it up as an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind campaign that would help us achieve all of the above.

Watch what #DoorsOfIndia , the campaign was all about

Our initial idea stemmed from the fact that every door, whether internal or external stands witness to so many different facets of our life but however amidst all the humdrum the door goes unnoticed, therefore the insight was that ‘Every Door Has A Story’.  

#DoorsOfIndia was a real-time discovery of stories and untold facts of some of the most prominent doors in India. It was a journey through different cultures, states and the passage of history.

The campaign featured six travel influencers who traveled across 46 cities and over 30,000 kilometers to unearth untold stories of the curated doors, all in real-time. 

The curated door stories were published on the campaign microsite and across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and immortalized in the form of a Coffee Table Book.

Their journey was planned and executed, such that major sales points across these cities were covered, which in turn tackled the awareness along with the sales angle that was a part of the brief.

Watch how we traveled the length and breadth of India to explore the hidden stories behind India’s finest doors
Watch the Tata Pravesh #DoorsOfIndia theme song featuring Euphoria

We can proudly say that #DoorsOfIndia was definitely a one-of-its-kind on-road journey across 30,000 kilometers through 46 cities spanning 15 states over 5 months and has been one of the biggest integrated campaigns that has received several awards, accolades and mentions throughout the industry and beyond.