Read to know how we bought customers closer to the product through the art of storytelling.

Tata Tiscon, the construction rebar brand, was the first brands from Tata Steel to venture into digital marketing. However, owing to the category it belonged to, i.e. construction, it perennially suffered from low involvement and low engagement at the consumer end. In a construction mostly it is the contractor who decides what rebar to use. The actual customer, the home owner just goes along with it. Tiscon wanted to demystify the product & raise awareness regarding the use & application of rebars.

Tata Tiscon presented us with their immediate challenge of lack of awareness and low participation from consumers. Most of the consumers of rebars were not quite interested in the product itself but blindly followed the advice of contractors or developers.

We tackled the brief through our favourite way – storytelling. We tried to engage with the consumers via interesting stories, which had rebars at the core of them and after all, who doesn’t like a good story. 

We invited 8 influential bloggers from across India from different walks of life, like travel, architecture, marketing, human resources & etc. This effort was the starting block to make Tata Tiscon and rebars more mainstream and consumer friendly. Thus the campaign ‘Building Blogs of Joy’ was born.

We took the bloggers on a unique journey over 3 days following the complete manufacturing to dealership process of a rebar to truly understand the product & application. Starting from the marketing head office of Tata Steel, to a rebar dealership in the suburbs of Kolkata and finally to the fabled steel plant of Jamshedpur to witness the manufacturing. They interacted with plant workers, customers, dealers and marketing officers to understand the true significance of rebars in our lives.

Using this interactive journey, the bloggers wrote their blogs. Each in their own inimitable style & perspective talking about rebars and their importance to building. Some of the snapshots from those blogs are provided below.

We even used Quora and leveraged the bloggers to answer relevant questions regarding the use of steel rebars, home building and etc.

At the end, we had a plethora of creatively articulated stories which were loved by the readers and Tiscon consumers alike. It gave us an opportunity to bring the brand and the product closer to the people and make it more relatable to them.  

Building Blogs of Joy achieved a cumulative reach of over 25 million through the blogs and social.